Pinterest – wow

Sure i’d heard of Pinterest but with all the multi-media means of generating buzz that one had not yet found its way into my daily bag of tricks. ┬áThis morning it did and how cool it is to feast on images in such an interactive way. ┬áSo i set up not one board but three… one for wall finishes (thank you Caroline), one for design details and of course one for lighting!!


Barovier & Toso – a recent Lunaria Addition

Recently i met with Barovier & Toso about adding their wonderful lighting to Lunaria’s offerings. I’m very happy to report we are moving forward with that endeavor.

Barovier & Toso is a unique lighting company, perhaps one of the oldest Murano Glass fabricators in the world. their oldest clients – The Vatican!

on their website is a very interesting recounting of the history of the company which speaks initially of the island of Murano, right outside of Venice where the masters of Glass production were essentially imprisoned once they were enlightened with the skills of glass production. the Barovier family’s history starts in the 1300′s and is further described on their website:

worth a read for sure!


it’s been about 2 years – dare i say it… since i updated the Lunaria Blog.

let’s just say it’s time… and so here we go.

Lighting is a changing. seems like everywhere i turn around designers are realizing that lighting will make a job even better it’s like the American market all the sudden woke up to this amazing new notion.

Stay tunned for a report on new lighting vendors, trends and downright cool stuff!