Venice for the day

Pre show antics have us enroute to Venice for the day! Possible options.. Boat taxi, gondola ride, being assaulted by air rats a.k.a pigeons in St Marks Square, getting lost in the maze of bridges and cute alleys and of course taking in the wonders of some lighting masterpieces. Hello De Majo & Barovier &Toso.
The island of Murano just a short trek from Venice takes us back to the historical beginning of blown glass and the master craftsmen that once trained were never allowed to leave their island home. The skills were highly prized and hard won. Mirrors too took their shape in this small enclave.
Those in the know will visit a store off the square, then mention the idea of a lighting purchase and you might find yourself whisked off to the magical island of Murano by the proprietor. Typically the taxi service will run you a pretty penny, something like a few hundred euro but if you have good acting skills or intentions you won’t pay this freight. Once you arrive you’ll be taken to the factory, offered coffee and refreshments and treated to the theatrical display of watching a glob of goop (saturated glass) transform into a vase or plate. Above your head chandeliers a plenty hang their coats awaiting acquisition. It’s quite an experience!
Our journey today went a little different then planned. Factor in Su e Zo per I Ponti 2013- 15,000 people en mass taking on all the bridges of Venice for a 12 k and us with baby carriage, 7 month old and going their route in the opposite direction!
We did visit Murano but most places were closed it being Sunday and all. And for the record Isaiah was sleepwalking midway thru the day.
Down day today – show tomorrow


let’s get to the “Point” – Monopoints a great alternative to recessed lighting

Monopoints are now made by so many manufactures it is hard to remember them all.

companies like Tech Lighting, LBL Lighting, Stone Lighting and Edge have been doing them for ages it’s just that all the sudden the American lighting market is paying more attention.  We all love the idea of directing a halogen light source somewhere but to turn the plain old recessed light into “something” is in places a “home-run” which shouldn’t be missed.

Here are a few of my favorites you might not know about.

Matrix Monopoint with switch from Lumina

Matrix Monopoint with switch from Lumina

Serien Lighting One-Eighty monopoint (black, white and Brushed steel)

Serien Lighting One-Eighty Monopoint (black, white and Brushed steel)

The glory of Terzani’s Mizu


There is glass and then there is crystal. The Mizu by Terzani is the latter. It is composed of lead crystal with an organic shape that makes one think of water. This illusion of water is also depicted in the shadows cast by the light itself. The weight of the glass is surprisingly heavy pulling your hand down to the ground. Pictures don’t do this light justice. Made to compete with the glass pendant by Bocci, I’d say it wins hands down.

Pinterest – what a great tool

I’ve recently started a Pinterest lighting board and have been amazed over and over again with all the great lights out there on the web. Some are vendors i represent here at Lunaria and others are one’s i want to.  Beyond that however i see this as another way to bring like minded people together. There are a lot of “not” so great repercussions to the internet… but this is one of the “good” ones.

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sometimes it is just in the shade…

Custom shade

Somtimes it is just in the shade.. often times swing arm lamps leave a little to be desired on the decorative front. After all they are about function and so it’s hard to find something that provides the functionality along with just a little bit of look. What I did here is change out the shade. With the help of CM shades a custom drum was created out of woven paper that brings a little bit of “something” to the installation.