our collaboration with Alex and travels to Brooklyn

travels to NYC, Brooklyn and working remotely happen more and more often these days but not often enough are we given such a wonderful palette and artistic eye to partner with. i got a call from Alex because a light she had loved was damaged during their remodel and we were the only people in the USA that had a connection to the fabricator Pluma Cubic. Sometimes you just know that the person on the other end of a conversation just has vision. well this was one of those times and so it started.

the fun began when we were able to work on lighting for some of the other spaces. we started with the dining room. playing off the architecture of the large windowed wall, the stove hood and the volume of the space. Random Lighting was a natural fit. we worked with Jan Pauwels to design the perfect proportions for the space, then onto the family room. a wonderful collage of modern and traditional, found treasures and modern notes. we landed on the notion of another light from Random. in this case we needed to take the original design and play with proportions in a dramatic way. Something about the light expanding onto the ceiling creating a web with a footprint much larger than one would guess, well over 60 inches. then loading it with crystals almost to the point of excess. that evolved on the job site when we were installing it and in reaction to the space.

when we got to her house.. well that is really when the fun began. fixtures like these are not what most people are used to - no wire as the fixture is the wiring.