the first dance

jan 1, 2020

By Alia Meyer Gaffney

What i love more than anything is that period in time when you are first getting to know a client. To me it reads like a “first dance” with someone you really want to like you. It’s always a challenge to go deep and get in there fast. The evaluation of someones needs, wants and desires and the ultimate question of whether you belong together is perhaps one of the most interesting elements of the crazy thing called “interior design”. Where lighting is concerned and through the portal of Lunaria i have many more opportunities to focus in on this initial exchange.

And while it might be more simplistic in its range it is perhaps more difficult in its’ practice. The following few tips might help you as a consumer to bring your goods to the table so you get what you want when meeting with us at the shop or anyone who is helping you in a design capacity.

1. Have as many visual props as possible - a photo of your space, images of things you like, even a floorplan of your space if possible.

2. know your size limitations that will factor into your decision. The size of your room, the size of your table, the height of your ceiling.

3. Have a sense of what you want to spend. Ultimately there are hundreds of solutions so knowing up front where you budget lies will help you find a filtered down list of your options. After all that $100,000 chandelier will always beat out the $10,000 one!

4. Get real about timelines. Know when you need things and if you will be willing to wait. I understand this need to have something done but honestly if you think about how long something will live in your space waiting an extra month or two for the right thing is so worth the wait! there are more hints for sure but this is a good start.