Make an appointment – Or at the very least let us know you are coming. We are not a large staff so we will do our best to help you with your quest. Rome was not built in a day. expect homework.

Come Prepared:

photos of your space, existing lights or other details

floorplans and elevations or at least dimensions

  • Here are some questions to ask yourself:

o Do you have a budget?

o How much light do you need?

o How do you want the light to function?

  1. Task
  2. Ambient
  3. Lit sculpture o

What are those limitations if any?

  • o How quickly do you need the light?
  • o Do you have a Smart Home? What system are you using?

  • Ways to gain inspiration:
  • Have you checked out Pinterest?
  • Find Lunaria on Pinterest and all our boards.
  • Houzz has some great images.
  • Find Lunaria on Houzz
  • Our Facebook page has some great resources.

  • Expectations:
  • From your visit you can expect some homework. Our goal is to leave you with a few directions that will lead to a fairly speedy decision on your part. Lunaria will partner with you in this decision making process and hopes to leave you feeling like you want to tell everyone all about it.