Musings of a lighting addict


finding your right and wrong - nothing off limits

Many People who are not yet indoctrinated into the world of lighting often ask whats the big deal about lighting. I tell them, it is EVERYTHING.. lighting is a powerful addition to any space and one that does not share its real estate with much else (if mounted on the ceiling). Lighting changes when we interact with it and boy do we, often more than daily. Just think how many times do we enter a room and turn a light on or use it to set a mood. Turn it off to go to sleep. essentially our daily actions in the world always involve flipping that switch.

But if we step back and speak about the general process of Interior Design and the amalgam of decisions made. color, scale, texture or the lack there of. trendy tangents and generational hanger-ons. sentimentality and a penny in the bucket. lighting is just one part of the whole. But as a solid lighting addict, yes, I said it, addict lighting is magic. I’ve seen people over the years become paralyzed by trying to follow some set of established rules and then get stuck as they find their decisions closing in on them and eventually see them backed into a corner. If I’ve learned anything we make our own rights and wrongs in this game of decorating chess. In other words, anything can be made to work as long as the teeter totter of our decision-making process finds balance. And so if you love what you pick then that “love” can create cohesion even when our decisions seem random.

so come along for the ride.. hopefully i wont wax too poetic and there may be something gleamed along the way.